Light Groups

Light Groups - home-based small church

Light Groups are the St. James', Whitley name for our Cell Church groups. 
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Our Light Groups are we meet in homes to discuss, share, pray, support each other and to socialise. There are four Light Groups to choose from meeting on different times of the day.
The  two day-time groups suit the retired and carers at home. Two evening groups allow options for those working and studying.

  • Star Light group meet on Monday Mornings.
    Call Maureen on 7630 5102.

  • Shining Light / Pilot Light Group meet  on Monday Evenings.
    Call Alison on 7630 6737.
  • See More Light group meet  on Tuesday Afternoons.
    Call Graham on 7630 1444.
  • Sky Light Group meet on Tuesday Evenings.
    Call Pete on 7630 3369.

Our Cell Church Values
  • Jesus at the centre
  • Creating a Caring Community
  • Every member involved
  • Every member growing in Christ
  • Reaching out in 'Friendship Evangelism'
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