22 Oct 2019

The Light Party for Year 1 to 6 Kids, Thursday 31st @ St. James, Whitley. Free Food & Fun.

Light party at St James' Whitley, Coventry

You are invited to
THURSDAY 31st October –  5 - 7 pm
at St James Church, Whitley,
171a  Abbey Road Coventry, CV3 4BG

Ages:  Year 1 to Year 6 inclusive
Younger Children Parents Need To Stay

Refreshments & Pizza provided
    ALL FREE - Please register by email:

29 Sept 2019

Alpha Course, St James Whitley, CV3 4BG, Mondays from 23rd Sept.

Life: Is this it?
The Alpha Course aims to let You:
Ask Questions & Share your point of view.

Alpha with new 2019 Videos.
Watch this at Alpha.org

We believe everyone should have a chance 
to explore the Christian faith, 
ask questions and share their point of view 
- wherever they are in the world.

New Course starting from:
Monday, 23rd September, 7pm to 9pm,
At St. James Church, Whitley & Stonehouse.
171 Abbey Road, Coventry, CV3 4BG

Want to learn more?
Email: vicar@stjameswhitley.uk