Hall Bookings

Hall Bookings - For your Parties & Events 

 To book the hall, please phone, 02476 303831, and leave a message for Barbara
or email stjameswhitley@hotmail.co.uk.

See the Calendar, below, to view confirmed bookings.

An empty slot does not guarantee you can book the hall.
There is a small chance of a clash. We will always try to help.

Hall hire prices per hour are under review.
Contact us, leaving a message, by voice mail or email, see above.
All bookings also include 30 minutes set-up and clearing time. 

 Smaller rooms are also available. 

The Hall in Banquet Mode!
(You can also have access to our kitchen with gas range.)
Yes some of them are face-painted! The University of Warwick,
Live Action Role Play Society, LARPS, dine formally 'in character'.